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The Arab Countries Infection Control Network (AcicN) is a non-profit collaborative online network created to provide infection control professionals/organisations with the essential knowledge, support and expertise to prevent and control infections, which will ultimately improve the quality of care provided and save lives.

AcicN brings the concept of managed by members to life.

Are you an infection control professional or in a profession that relates to infection prevention?

Are you passionate about preventing infections? 

Are you ready to serve?

If so, become a member, get linked and get involved.

Newsletters (Archived)

AcicN would like to express our gratitude for the work of APIC on the International Infection Prevention Week.

We will continue to keep this link available to allow access to their robust website with tips, checklists, and other resources.

Click here to access the toolkit

At AcicN, we view Infection Prevention and Control as a bundle composed of five elements.

1-Science with Conscience 

The Hand Hygiene Excellence Award - Middle East & North Africa was launched earlier in 2017. The Award is conceived as a platform to identify, recognize, honour and celebrate those hospitals and health care work groups who have contributed to improving patient safety through their excellence, enthusiasm and innovatory methods. 

AcicN Logo

Logos are crafted to promote the vision, mission and values of an organization.

There is plenitude of science behind these logos, therefore, design, colours, size, and other specifications are employed to impact the viewers' opinion and decision.


AcicN logo was designed based on a clear concept that is highly significant of the infection control practice and role development of the infection prevention and control professionals.


The AcicN logo bears the following connotation:

Trees are composed of roots, a trunk and branches. Similarly, in the infection control practice, the roots of the infection control professionals represent the background of these professionals, their values and the studies related to the infection prevention.

The crown of a tree is made up of leaves and branches at the top of tree. Likewise, in the infection control profession this represent the daily activities of an infection control professional i.e., identification of infectious disease process, conducting epidemiological studies, controlling transmission of infectious agents, etc.

The trunk of the tree provides its shape and support and holds up the crown. The trunk of a tree also transports water and nutrients from the soil and sugar from the leaves. In infection control, the trunk represents the link between the theory and the practice. It represents an important element to minimize the theory, practice gap in infection control and has an integral part in holding the workload of an infection control practitioner. Photosynthesis in infection control practice represents the interaction of the infection control professionals with other healthcare workers, coaching them and adding shared values with them to prevent infections.

In summary, the AcicN logo emphasizes the concept of a successful infection control professional that requires a mixture theoretical skills, practical skills coupled with a role development process that is solid and conducive.

Are you looking for tools to help you manage and assess your program?

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