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AcicN is managed by 4 main committees:

  1. Corporate Advisory Board (CAB)

  2. Scientific Committee

  3. Surveillance Committee

  4. Education Committee

AcicN is also represented by countries' networks whose collaborative efforts will redesign infection control practices. These networks are:


 AcicN Algeria

 AcicN Bahrain

 AcicN Comoros

 AcicN Djibouti

 AcicN Egypt

 AcicN Iraq

 AcicN Jordan 

 AcicN Kuwait

 AcicN Lebanon

 AcicN Libya

 AcicN Mauritania

 AcicN Morocco

 AcicN Oman

 AcicN Palestine

 AcicN Qatar

 AcicN Saudi Arabia

 AcicN Somalia

 AcicN Sudan

 AcicN Syria

 AcicN Tunisia

 AcicN United Arab Emirates

 AcicN Yemen

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