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AcicN is a network of efficiency; AcicN members will not “re-invent the wheels” by developing guidelines or recommendations on topics published by trustworthy entities (i.e WHO, APIC, CDC, GCC Centre for Infection Control, and others). However, if a need is identified, AcicN members will follow this process to develop them (click here).


AcicN will endeavor to:

  1. Create a sharing mechanism to ensure that members have access to the information needed to prevent infections.

  2. AcicN members will help with the interpretation of the information provided.

  3. AcicN members will assist each other in implementing the science through AcicN forum and other means of communication, to ensure that information and data provided is, in fact, being transferred into knowledge and is producing new capabilities in preventing infections.

Please note: Members of AcicN have an ethical and professional responsibility to share any knowledge that is deemed necessary and beneficial in the fight against infections. To do so, please use the contact page to directly communicate with us, ie, the following is a conceptual model provided by one of AcicN members: 

Click here to see the conceptual model to prevent the transmission of HAI s and MDRO.

Click here for AcicN Process For Developing New Guidelines/Recommendations


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